Medical Equipment & Supply

Canes – Walking canes help to redistribute the weight away from injured leg. Besides providing support they help people with the need of aging, arthritis, diabetes, etc. To estimate the right length of the cane, one must divide an individual’s height by 2 and find a cane within 1”.

Walkers – Walkers are commonly used to stabilize movement, prevent falls, and reduce mobility issues. It is important to consider the age of the person you are getting the walker for, as well as the nature of usage. Walkers can be walker-cane hybrid, free standing standard four-legged walkers, wheeled walkers and rollators, and foldable walker models.

Orthopedic Supplies – These supplies are used for physical therapy, rehabilitation as well as preventative support. The orthopedic supplies include different types of braces for ankles, arms, elbows, back, wrist, neck and more.

Nebulizers – Nebulizers are great help in delivering asthma medications to children and generally to anyone who has issues using an asthma inhaler. This equipment changes liquid medication to mist. Making it easier for the patients to inhale into the lungs.

Crutches – This equipment helps the patient to transfer their weight from the lower body to the upper body. One needs to have sufficient arm strength to coordinate and use them. There are different types of crutches, such as axillary crutches, forearm crutches, platform crutches, strutter crutches, and leg support crutches.


Medical Equipment Services:

  • Commodes/Urinals/Bedpans
  • Heat & Cold Applications
  • Canes and Crutches
  • Walkers
  • Orthoses (Off-the-Shelf)
  • Penile Pumps
  • Ostomy Supplies
  • Tracheostomy Supplies
  • Urological Supplies
  • Enteral Nutrients
  • Nebulizer Equipment and Supplies
  • Surgical Dressings
  • Diabetic Shoes/Inserts (Off-the-shelf)
  • Blood Glucose Monitors and Supplies
  • Seat Lift Mechanisms
  • Wheelchairs (Standard Manual and Related Accessories)
  • Wheelchair Seating/Cushions
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