Prescription Drop Off and Pick Up

Instead of waiting in the unreasonably long lines for your prescription at the pharmacies. We can coordinate it for you and make sure you get the prescription on time.

Prescription Refills and Transfers

Prescription transfers are easily done by our team members. Transfer your prescription to our pharmacy with single call or simply fill out our transfer form online.

Refill Reminder by Phone, E-mail, Text

Keeping a truck on refills might be frustrating. We will make sure you get a synchronized refill reminder by your choice either via text message, phone call or email.

Same Day Delivery

If you live in Las Vegas, Nevada and need your medication on the same day, we can save you time. Our trustworthy drivers will make sure your medication is delivered to your desired location without any additional charge.

Patient Counseling

Got a special request? Unsure about your medication’s side effect? Question concerning your health? We offer patient counseling, so you can reach out to us for more information whenever you need it.

Prior Authorization Support
At Credo Pharmacy, we work with your physician and insurance provider to ensure that any prescriptions requiring prior authorization are dealt with your insurance as quickly as possible.

Pharmacy Lien Services

Many individuals injured in accidents need comprehensive medical treatment – including emergency hospital care, surgical processes, physical therapy, rehabilitation, chiropractic care and pharmacy services. Yet not all can pay for these services through their health plans or bank accounts. The primary benefit of lien-based treatment for doctors and other providers is that they can pay at the “normal and usual” rate, which is almost always higher than the negotiated charges paid by health insurers. Our process is patient-centered, working closely with lawyers and doctors to make sure that their clients and patients focus on recovery rather than on how to maintain their medication.

Specialty Medication

High-cost prescription medicines used to treat complicated, chronic diseases such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis are specialty medicines. Specialty medications sometimes involve unique care and administration, and patients using a specialty drug may need thorough supervision from a health care provider who can monitor side effects and make sure the medicine works as intended. Specialty drugs might be covered through either medical or prescription drug insurance.

Medication Synchronization

Medication Synchronization is beneficial for patients taking multiple, ongoing medications, for elderly people, or for all the new patients starting chronic therapies. We will review all your ongoing medications and get them ready for every month.

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